Tuesday, March 08, 2011


BBC Radio 4 and KIRN 670 am on an iPhone

I do not know much about iPhones, I have to confess. However, I recently wanted to arrange for KIRN 670 am (Persian radio from Los Angeles) and Radio 4 to be available on an iPhone. How should one proceed? Here is what I did.

First, install the free FStream app for the iPhone. This seems to be a good, free, stream player. It also has record capabilities. Install FStream as you would any other app on the iPhone.

Second, set up the channels that you want. In FStream, go to Favorites, click Edit, and click 'Add new webradio'. At this point, you need to provide a name for the channel that you are about to create. This is just some text, you can enter whatever you would like, e.g. Radio 4 or KIRN. Next you need to supply the URL of the channel. This is more difficult to determine. I found the Radio 4 URL by Googling (it is: http://bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r4.asx) and the KIRN URL by using 'netstat -an' in Cygwin, when using the KIRN 670 am browser radio. (The KIRN URL is: Enter the appropriate URL for your radio channel (or stream as it should probably be called) and save your new favorite.

Then under play, click on the favorite you just entered, and you should find yourself listening to your newly entered channel. If you get the URL wrong for your channel, the error message won't be very clear. You'll see FStream trying to connect, but then the message 'Disconnected' will appear. If you see this, go back and check the URL in Favorites, you need to get every character exactly right.

I have not checked the bill recently - so be careful with respect to your data usage. But, this should let you use your iPhone as a radio receiver for BBC Radio 4 and KIRN 670, what more could you possibly want?
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